At Active Consulting, we’ve helped all kinds of people improve their financial literacy, boost their financial well-being, increase their understanding of financial risks and optimise their opportunities.

We know it pays to get the right support.

By being informed and armed, you’ll be ideally placed to reach your true financial potential.

This is what we can help you achieve.

Active Consulting provides access to practical, valuable information and reliable, expert resources. We guide you with insight and care so you are confident and comfortable to make financial decisions that are right for you.

How can we help you expand your financial horizons?

The Sunsetters

We are Donna and Mike. We’re both still working but planning to retire in the next few years. Our finances have been a bit rocky – we don’t quite know where to start.

The Providers

We’re Melissa and Chris. We want to reduce our tax to pay our mortgage off as fast as we can. Retirement is a way off but we want to do what we can now.

The Up and Comers

We’re Jess and Matt. We’ve just bought our first home that we’re renovating. We work hard and plan to pay it off within about 15 years … what sort of investment could help us?

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